Elyse Huntington spent her childhood years in hot and humid Borneo. As a teenager, she recalls devouring any Mills and Boons she could get her hands on. The first full-length romance novel she bought after arriving in Australia featured an attention-grabbing bare-chested hero with flowing brown locks. Elyse didn’t know this at the time, but this was the famous Fabio, the popular choice of hero for many a romance novel cover. She thought she may have been somewhat dazed by the wide expanse of tanned male torso.

Despite this (or maybe because of it), her love of historical romance grew, as did her obsession for dukes. She is now a self-confessed compulsive buyer of books with ‘duke’ in its title – never mind what the blurb says. ‘Duchess’ usually works too. Elyse also loves reading stories featuring bilionaires, doubtless because they are the modern equivalent of her historical dukes.

A lawyer by profession, her first historical romance, My Dark Duke, placed third in the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald award contest. Elyse spends a little too much of her time fantasising about wickedly handsome rogues who are tamed by the independent women they fall in love with. She enjoys taking her children swimming, watching anything featuring Richard Armitage or Matthew Goode and cooking for friends. She lives in Canberra with her family.