I am very excited to announce that my Georgian era romance novel, My Dark Duke, has just been released. I have often been asked why I chose to set my novel in 1770 England, rather than in the more popular Regency era.

The simple answer is the costumes. I adore the fashion that reigned at the time – the women in their beautiful hand-embroidered bodices and extravagant wide-hooped gowns, the men in their equally exquisite silk waistcoats and coats. These are of course the clothes worn by the aristocracy. The working class wore much simpler garments, made of cheaper material like wool, linen and cotton.

My story  is about a wealthy, powerful duke who finds himself attracted to a daughter of another duke, so my characters move at the highest levels of society. I do have a rather unhealthy obsession with dukes (which I talk about in another blog post here), but I also love escaping into the glitz and glamour of the elite world in which eighteenth-century aristocracy lived.

James Cavendish, my dark duke, is always impeccably dressed. He tends to favour dark colours (yes, this was done on purpose), and it is his waistcoat which is the main embellishment of his attire. In one scene, my heroine cannot help but admire the elaborate embroidery on his waistcoat:

In fact, he looked extraordinarily well in his dove-grey silk jacket. It was teamed with a black silk embroidered waistcoat which showcased some of the most exquisite Oriental embroidery she had ever seen. Silver geese in varying shades of silver appeared to be mid-flight, in the midst of the greens and blues of the trees, the pale pink of the flowers and the dark grey of the river flowing beneath. It was difficult to tear her eyes away from the sumptuous scene.

What lays under his clothes is equally magnificent, but I might save that particularly interesting discussion for another day, so keep checking back in!

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